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Do I need an appointment?
We do our best to accommodate walk-ins, however, we highly recommend an appointment so that we can guarantee our undivided attention to help you find your dream dress. We are a small team offering wedding planning and floral design as well as bridal attire, so we do book up quickly with all sorts of appointments! We look forward to seeing you and helping you with all your wedding and bridal needs! PLEASE NOTE, DUE TO COVID - WE DO NOT ACCEPT WALK INS OR SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS, YOU MUST HAVE AN OFFICIAL APPOINTMENT BOOKED 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. WE RECOMMEND REQUESTING AN APPOINTMENT 3-7 DAYS PRIOR 

How can I schedule an appointment?

There are several ways to make your appointment at Grace Style & Bridal.   

  1.  Request an Appointment here 

  2. Call us during business hours and one of our consultants will make an appointment for you (480) 306-6634

  3. Stop in and see us at Grace Style & Bridal.  Visit with one of our consultants who will be happy to make an appointment for you.  Once your appointment is made you’ll receive a confirmation email with details about  your session. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME


Is there a cost for appointments?

All appointments are free of charge, however, if you No Show or Cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time, you will be charged a $50 non refundable fee. Please make sure all of your contact information is correct upon submitting booking information. We will call you to confirm all of your details are correct, if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours of requesting  an appointment please give us a call to check the status of your request.

What is an appointment request?

Appointment requests are just that, a request for an appointment, submitting an appointment request is not a guarantee of the time you are requesting, it is a preference for what you would prefer. We will call you to finish setting up an appointment and get a little bit more information from you. If the time you have requested is not available we will give you alternative times when we call you. Please make sure all of your contact information is correct in the booking information so we can contact you. If you would like you may add alternative times that work for you in the notes section of your appointment request

How long do appointments take?

Week day appointments are an hour and a half long which gives you all the time you will need without feeling rushed. During Saturdays, Each Appointment  is two hours, which allows you to try on several gowns with accessories and veils to find your dream dress! We have found that two hours on a Saturday is generally the perfect amount of time so you do not feel rushed and can take your time in your dream dress once you find the one! If you would like more time than this, just let the Consultant know when you schedule over the phone, or make a note on your booking notation when you book online.  You may also email us with special requests or book a Sunday Private appointment , as they are 3 hours and you'll get the entire boutique to yourself and can bring up to 20 guests with you. DURING THIS TIME, YOU AND YOUR PARTY ARE THE ONLY GROUP IN THE SHOP AND WILL BE GIVEN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME AS ANY OTHER REGULARLY SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. 

What do I need to bring? 
Please bring any accessories or shoes you already have for your wedding day. We also recommend proper undergarments to help you feel comfortable during your appointment or any garments you will be wearing under your dress, spanks ( our fav! ) and and most importantly, an open mind! Please remember, you absolutely must wear underwear while trying on any garment in our boutique, just as you would be required to while trying on jeans or a swim suit at any clothing boutique.


Don’t be surprised if you find “the dress” on your first visit to Grace. If you do not already have shoes, spanks or accessories, don't even worry! Sometimes brides have a full vision from the start and others need to get the gown for everything else to fall into place.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive about 5 minutes before the start of your appointment. We are a small boutique and we are generally fully booked, especially on Saturdays. If you anticipate to arrive anytime before that, give us a call, we may be able to move your appointment time up. Alternatively, there are 4-5 great coffee and pastry shops within a 3 minute drive of our shop, we will be happy to suggest a spot to grab a quick drink on your way in! If you arrive at the boutique more than 10-15 minutes in advance, we will not be able to start your appointment until your appointment time. We may be wrapping up our first appointment or your consultant may not be on site yet for the start of their day. Please be patient with us as we want every one of our brides and their guests to have the same wonderful experience as you and do not want anyone to feel rushed. If you are running late for your appointment, we will have to reduce the time-frame of your appointment to make sure that, again, each one of our brides and their parties are able to get the same great experience as you! We as a team do everything we can to help out and make sure that all of our brides are taken care of and attended to as quickly as possible!

What should I expect during my appointment? 

When you arrive, you will all sit down and chat with your consultant. We love weddings, each one is unique and special, We want to hear about your proposal, your fiance, what you are thinking in terms of your wedding style and if you have photos of gowns or any other information we need to know, this is the time to share with us.

You will then walk through our shop with your friends, family and consultant and select any gowns that catch you eye that fit your style and vibe. (YES, you can touch our gowns, you get to feel them and hand select whatever you like, don't worry though your consultant will help you select styles they think you will like too! ) Usually we like to stick to about 6-10 gowns!

 When it's time to try on your selected gowns, your consultant will help you into the gowns. We find that this ensures that our gowns stay in the best shape possible ( they have a tough life, always being clipped and zipped ya know!)  and that before you leave the fitting room the gown can be pinned, tucked and clipped  for a  flawless fit! However, if you would rather slip into the gowns alone, just let your consultant know, We will happily step out and come back in to help you zip up and clip you into the gown. We do ask that  guests just have a seat and enjoy watching the big 'reveal' when the bride steps out of the fitting room. We want everyone to have the same great experience, bride, guests, friends and family included. 

COVID-19 update. you and your party will be the only ones in the shop with your dedicated consultant. You are required to wear a mask per Maricopa county mandate. You are only allowed to ! bring 4 guests with you, so 5 total allowed in the shop per appointment including the bride

How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

We can comfortably seat 5-6 people who attend your appointment, however we do have the ability to make arrangements for more space if you plan to bring a larger group. During our Saturday's the maxium amount per appointment is 6 guests. If you'd like to bring up to 9 guests you can book any weekday and if you have more than 9, you will need to book a private Sunday appointment.  Please make a notation in your online booking or mention this to your consultant when you book your appointment over the phone. We can not accommodate more than 1 large party at a time due to our small space. Please be aware of this and respectful of our time, space and the other bridal parties in the boutique. If you end of with more guests than you anticipated, please give us a courtesy call so we can make arrangements to accommodate all parties at the time you are scheduled.



Can I bring drinks and snacks at my appointment?

You can bring drinks and snacks to your appointment! We just have a few rules to make sure our gowns and boutique stay in a gorgeous condition for all of our brides to enjoy. You may only have hydro-flasks or sealed bottles with clear liquids in the seating area near the gowns. You can have treats for adults such as pastries or other treats without a large mess in the seating areas as long as they are on plates with napkins and tables. Nothing may be placed on the floor or rugs. If you choose to brings coffee and other treats such as fruit or messy items, please let us know in advance so we can grab a table and linen for you to keep them on in the back area away from the podiums, for you to enjoy as your celebrate at the end of your appointment while you take photos!


What products does Grace Style & Bridal have?

Grace Style & Bridal has everything to style your wedding attire.  Including:

       * Bridal gowns

       * Jewelry and accessories

       * Bridal belts

       * Headpieces and Hairpieces

       * Veils


Which forms of payment are accepted?

We accept the following credit cards. American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Card.  We also accept cash.  Unfortunately we do not accept personal checks, money orders, or apple/google/samsung pay.

Why do you take my credit card information when booking an appointment?

Grace Bridal requires a credit card to reserve your appointment. There is no charge for the appointment. However, if you do not cancel 24 hrs prior to your appointment or simple no show, you will be charged a non refundable $50 cancellation fee.

Does Grace Style & Bridal offer payment plans?

A 65% non-refundable deposit is required at time of bridal gown purchase.  The remaining balance can be set up on an affordable payment plan.  All wedding gowns must be paid in full before they are released, and must be picked up within 2 weeks of it arriving to our shop.  All other products, samples, OTR and customization's are paid in full at time of purchase.
All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable. 

What is the price range of the wedding gowns at Grace Style & Bridal?

We carry gowns from several designers ranging in price from $1,800 - $5,000  with our average prices being between $2,700 - $3,200 for special orders. We also have a small selection of  "Ready to Wear" Off the Rack Designer samples that are moderately priced to take home same day.


What Sizes do you offer at Grace Style & Bridal 
We have sample size gowns ranging from size 8 to 20! To order your gown we take your measurements and will order based on designer size charts. It can be expected that all gowns will need alterations to get the perfect fit for your body as dresses are a standard size and every person is unique in shape. Bridal gowns do not fit like a standard dress, even if the gown does fit you very well, you will still need some altering, a hem and a bustle. We  have a list of recommended alterations specialists in the area and their cost ranges from $300-2,000++ depending on what is required. 


Is it acceptable to take pictures during my appointment?

Absolutely!  Pictures are the best way to document and remind yourself how stunning you looked in your favorite dress! We encourage you to Instagram and Tweet your experience!


How far in advance should I say yes to my dream dress and buy my gown?

The ideal time-frame is 9 months to 1 year in advance to allow for creation of your dream dress and adequate time for alterations.  All gowns are made specifically by the designer upon order and can take anywhere from 4-6 months and alterations typically take an additional  4-6 months.  We do have the ability to place stock or rush orders with some designers (additional costs and timing vary by designer.)  Some gowns may arrive in as early as 3-4 weeks, others may be able to deliver in 6-12 weeks with rush fees or stock options, please do not rely on this option as availability varies greatly. Shopping within our recommended time frame will help you avoid additional charges, limited options and stress.   Please ask your bridal consultant at the time of your appointment for specifics.  For brides who have a more  immediate need, we have a small selection of  gorgeous “ready to wear” Off the Rack designer gowns in the $899-$2,500 price range.  

Accessories and veils could take 4-12 weeks to arrive.  Rush shipments are available, and we always recommend discussing options with your consultant. We are here to help you with all of your bridal needs! 



Does Grace Style & Bridal offer alterations?

Rather than offer in-house alterations, we provide our customers with a list of recommended seamstresses located throughout the Valley. Our #1 recommendation is Tailored in White, out of old town Scottsdale. Check out their work on Instagram 


I'm also interested in wedding planning and floral design, can we do that during my appointment too? 
Of course!!  We say it so often, WE ARE OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS WEDDINGS! We love when a bride gets her wedding dress with Grace and uses Honey&Shaw for Wedding planning and floral design!  During your appointment request make sure to mention your interest so that someone from Honey&Shaw can join in! Did you know that when you buy your dress with us you will receive 10% off with Honey&Shaw and vise versa!  

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