20 Creative Photography Ideas for the Bride and Groom

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hi loves! I have a wonderful list of 20 unique and different photography ideas that you can take inspiration from and use it for your wedding! These ideas are found from Pinterest and I hope you all love them and use them for your wedding day.

1. Wrapped in the Veil

2. Celebratory Ring Photo

3. Close up Smile Shot

4. Behind the Door

5. Lifting her up

6. Dance Photo

7. His First Look From Behind Her

8. His "I WON HER" Photo

9. Her "I WON HIM!" Photo

10. Steamy Silhouette Photo

11. Popping Champagne

12. In the car

13. Nature Photography

14. Hug From Behind

15. Sparklers

16. Wrapped up and Cuddling in a Blanket

17. Smoke Bomb

18. Christmas Lights

19. Picking her up Like a Princess

20. Flower Petals in the air

I hope that these images inspire you and you will be able to try them out on your wedding day!

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