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5 Reasons to Get an Elopement

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

What is an elopement?

An elopement is basically a marriage done in a more secret fashion. Instead of having a large ceremony, couples can tie-the-knot intimately with each other in any destination.

1. The Cost

The price of an elopement is always going to be much more inexpensive than holding a ceremony. The cost going to be cheaper considering you are not paying for all the guests, a large venue, catering, etc. With an elopement you pay for what you want. All that matters is you and your soon-to-be spouse are going to be married. In this intimate setting you will save so much money. This is another great way to save money to spend on your honeymoon or on anything else you desire.

2. It is Intimate

An elopement is private and intimate. You can simply have you and your fiancé or even invite few guests to attend. Marriage is an intimate thing and I believe that getting eloped makes your wedding even more special. Those memories you will share forever with your loved one and it will be an experience you two can share on a deeper and personal level.

3. There's no Rush

With an elopement there is absolutely no rush with your wedding planning. Everything is based off your time schedule and is planned around you. That's the beauty of it! The stress of getting that checklist done before friends and family close in on you disappears.

4. You Can Travel

Because you are saving a lot of money on not holding a huge ceremony you have the ability to spend that extra money on travel to have your elopement in a stunning and unique location.

5. You Can be Creative

With an elopement you can design your ceremony uniquely and creatively. Many couples decide to decorate an intimate way with candles, flowers, rugs, pillows, and an arbor. This sets the tone in the atmosphere and can make your small ceremony even more memorable.

If you are thinking about getting eloped with your loved one, consider that it will be a special moment and memory to keep with your beloved forever! Of course a photographer or videographer can capture the scene, so you can share this special moment with all your friends and family.


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