9 Iconic Wedding Scenes From Television + 2 Nominees

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hi lovelies!

I put together a super cute and fun post for you all to reminisce about your favorite TV shows. These engagement/wedding scenes are ICONIC and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Shows, movies, and any source of entertainment have taken a part in transforming the wedding industry. A lot of people get their wedding planning inspiration from television and what they see in popular films. We have the entertainment industry to thank for putting together these shows that truly impact our world!

The Office

Time to reminisce over the most iconic Office wedding scenes...

Pam and Jim!

No one could keep it together when they watched these two finally have their big moment! True love exists...

... and of course, Dwight and Angela!

Fans waited so long for these two crazy love birds to tie the knot!


Of course the iconic couch scene...

... and then this wedding gown shopping scene...

DEAD. #lol

Next up is Monica and Chandler's proposal...

Cheers to this! Also, BRB cuz crying....

Pheobe's Wedding!!!

Gossip Girl

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the amazingness of Chuck and Blair's love story? These two are my FOREVER GOALS. If you have never watched this show, I suggest you do. Chuck and Blair have the most epic love story of all time. These two are flames together. (Btw you can find Gossip Girl on Netflix still!)

When Blair literally was marrying Louie and all of our hearts were breaking for poor chuck...

We were all like...




Full House

This show was our childhood! Becky and Jesse's wedding was timeless and filled our hearts with so much joy!

Game of Thrones

Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen's wedding and forbidden love story give us goosebumps.

One Tree Hill

Peyton and Lucas' wedding was the very anticipated moment everyone waited for patiently in the series. Their love story is long, tiring, and epic all at the same time. They show us that true love really prevails.

These two... the most beautiful!

Saved by the Bell

Can we get an AMEN for Zack and Kelly?! These two hotties, I CANNOT!

How I Met Your Mother

Marshall and Lily. So adorable.

Barney and Robin... I'm in LOOOOOOOVE.

New Girl

Schmidt and Cece's Wedding!

Hooray for these two that warmed all our hearts. So special and so exciting!

and of course... Jess and Nick, because we love them. Also, because this episode was hilarious and how much more iconic could this get? Getting married in a hospital?!

Love these two.

Now it's time for our two nominee's. While, these lovely couple's scenes were not weddings... They still truly deserve a nomination for being exceptionally romantic love stories. They both deserved better...

Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon.

The fact alone is that watching Elena transform Damon into the wonderful person he was at the end of the series, made them become the most heart-warming and earth-shattering TV romance.

The universe tried to pull them apart, but their love was so magnetic.

Grey's Anatomy

Lastly, Meredith and Derek's "Post-it" scene deserves to be on this list. While it was no wedding ceremony, the scene was surely beautiful and deserves recognition.

Viewing all of these shows have made me in the mood for some more good TV romance. These shows will be forever in our hearts. They have shaped our personal lives and have made us believe in true love after all.


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