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7 Ways to Tell You’ve Found The Gown

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Are you an indecisive shopper like me? Are you nervous to shop because you can never make decisions for yourself? Or are you just too worried about not knowing if the right dress is the right one? Here are 7 ways you might just be able to tell you’ve found your dream dress!

1. You might cry. Don’t worry if you don’t cry because not everyone will, but sometimes emotions just like to take over. 

2. You will feel confident. I am sure of this one. The right dress will make YOU feel beautiful in it. 

3. You will just know! You might feel like you are totally in love and just  obsessing with the way it looks! It will be an overwhelming feeling of just pure joy.

4. You might feel as if nothing else in your life has ever fit you better! You will be feeling your very best in that dress. Slay it sister!

6. You might be overly excited to put that one dress back on. If you keep shopping and find that you keep thinking about that one dress, I guarantee that it’s probably the one.