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9 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

With valentine’s day just around the corner it’s always important to find a way to spice up your date with your significant other. Here are 9 unique and intimate date ideas you could try this valentine’s day with your loved one.

1. Go on a picnic with your significant other. This is a fun and cute way for some time spent alone. You could have your picnic almost anywhere whether that’s in a serene setting or under the stars.

2. Go ice skating with your significant other. What more could you ask for on a date like this? Its adventurous, affordable, and surely will make memories that will last.

3. Recreate your first Date. If you and your significant other have been dating for some time, are engaged, or married, this date is for you! Recreating your very first date will bring all the nostalgia back to when you and your significant other first began to talk. How adorable and sweet!

4. Have a bonfire. This date you both can sit back and cuddle by the flames. Maybe roast some marshmallows while you two dance under the stars as the fire crackles.

5. Go see a comedy show. This date you both can spend some time laughing the night away while enjoying each others company.

6. Try a spa day with your significant other. This date is perfect for couples who are looking to get relaxed AF on their valentines day.

7. Themed dinner with a movie. This date is for anyone who is looking to stay in the night of valentine’s day.

8. Wine Tasting. This date is fun and creative. Any person would love to spend the evening tasting expensive wines while spending time with one another.

9. Go for a sunrise or sunset hike. Whether you are a morning person or night owl, this date is adventurous and romantic. You could even have a picnic at the top of your hike to add to the date!

I hope these date nights inspired you and your loved one. Happy soon to be valentines day!


Kayci Amarissa



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