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Bold Bridal Styling Tips

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Are you someone that likes to be the center of attention? Someone that wants to be unique and special on their wedding day? Well, then you've come to the right place to style your look for your wedding day. If you dare to be bold on your wedding day be prepared to having heads turning as you walk down that aisle like a true beauty queen. Something special about choosing to style boldly is that nobody else will ever look like you! You will stand out on the day you will never want to forget!

The Dress

First, let's talk about the dress. Bold brides will pick a dress that is unique and different from the typical "white wedding gown". At our shop, Grace Style and Bridal, we carry dresses that are unique to each and every individual. Here is one dress we fell in love with from Casablanca Bridal.

This gorgeous ballgown with constellations and stars sparkling all around makes this gown unique. With an illusion back and sparkling belt it is sure to make jaws drop!


Styling hair for a bold bride looks like trying out new hair trends and daring to be different. Here are some styles that I believe a bold bride would try.


Add a pop of color whether that's on the lips or in the eyeshadow. Bold eyes & a bold smile. Take a look at these brides for makeup inspiration.


When accessorizing try adding a pop of color whether thats to the jewelry you wear or to the shoes on your feet! Let's look at some stunning shoe choices...

Being bold is being different! I hope all the bold brides out there dare to be different and try adding some pizazz to their wedding day look!