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Hey Grace Babes. I thought it would be super fun and cute to share with you some of my absolute favorite styling tips and ideas to get you inspired for your wedding day. Whether you have your wedding dress or not, and if you are struggling to find ways to style yourself, then look no further! Here I have some of the trendiest and most fashion forward ideas to style with.

First and foremost, it's important to consider the silhouette shape of your gown. The silhouette of your gown can determine the trendiest ways you can style it. If you are on the search for your dream dress, book an appointment with us at Grace Bridal! To book you can request an appointment on our website ( or call (480) 306-6634.


Let's Start With an A-line Gown...

These gowns have a fitted bodice with a skirt that flows out. This particular silhouette is perfect for any shape or size body.

Now, let's style!

For an a-line gown, usually a simple necklace or earrings will look stunning. Nothing too over the top. A simple finger-tip length veil or a cathedral veil will look amazing. There are a variety of wedding shoes that you can slay on your day!

Styling Board Inspo:

Let's Talk Mermaid/Trumpet/Fit n' Flare...

This particular gown looks stunning on the "pear" shaped figure. If you got curves flaunt em' in a mermaid, trumpet, or fit n' flare gown! This stunning silhouette follows the shape of your body, wraps around the hips and bottom, and then flows out at the end.

Now, let's style!

A mermaid or fit n' flare gown looks great with exquisite hairstyles. Unique braids, up-dos, and half up half down hairstyles compliment the unique characteristics of this particular gown. Try styling with some hoop earrings or fancy dangle earrings. Go bold with makeup and try some winged eye liner. If your feeling it you can also style your gown with a faux fur during the reception.

Styling Board Inspo:

Let's Style the Ball Gown...

This silhouette looks amazing on any gal! Ball gowns will transform you into your inner princess. If you love something fun, big, and bold then this gown is for you.

Now, let's style!

It's time for the Belle of the ball! Ball gowns look stunning styled with hair accessories, earrings, or any stunning necklace. Any half up or up-do hairstyle will look amazing with this type of dress silhouette.

Styling Board:

Time for the Column Gown...

This type of dress falls straight down from the hips to the floor. This silhouette looks fabulous on any shaped figure.

Now, let's style!

There are so many unique ways you can style a column shaped dress. You can go big and bold with an updo or go elegant and classic with some curls. Some trendy fashion ideas you can try styling with a rad jacket of some sort, style with a hat, or have some fun with unique shoes. Jean jackets, faux fur jackets, or a cool leather jacket would look great with this dress. Of course any accessories would style amazingly as well!

Styling Board Inspo:

Tea-Cup Length

This silhouette style is short and sweet. This dress length typically falls just below the knees.

Now, let's style!

This dress styled with the cutest and most trendiest shoes looks absolutely adorable. Any hairstyle looks stunning as well as with any accessory.

Styling Board Inspo:

I hope that these styling boards inspired you for your happily ever after!


Kayci Amarissa

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