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Color Trends - The Pantone Color of 2020

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Every year is never the same and that goes with trends. In 2019, the Pantone color was coral... And so as we ring in the new decade, we're excited to announce that the Pantone color of the 2020 is....


I love what one source, the Adobe Blog, has to say about ringing in this new decade with the new color of the year. "This year’s color, Classic Blue, is a welcome refuge for our uncertain, often disconnected era. In a time where public faith in institutions, advertising, and the future is increasingly challenged, many desire a return to trust, authenticity, and empathy. Blue hues, long associated with peace, calm, and the dependable daylight sky, feel solid and reliable. It is this constancy and comfort that Classic Blue offers us."


Get ready 2020, to style weddings with a hint of the color of the year! Classic blue is trendy, calm yet confident, and sensational. This is the year to make a fashion statement and stay trendy.

Here are some various ways you can incorporate Classic Blue into your wedding!

Having a wedding ceremony or reception in the cold? Brave it with a fabulous faux fur coat! Style it over your wedding gown...

Use velvet hand-dyed ribbon to decorate your bouquet.

You can buy some here: