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COVID-19, the affects and what you can expect from us here at Grace Bridal & Honey&Shaw!

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spreading throughout our nation causing decline in travel, limited resources, and industries to be negatively impacted, we are here to share with you some updates, affects and fantastic news about Grace Bridal! Coronavirus has tremendously impacted the lives of so many and we are deeply saddened by it's damage and our blessings go out to those affected. Because of limited resources and its affect overseas, I bet you had no idea how this virus was affecting the wedding industry. However, fear not, because we want to inform you on how to make the most out of this situation. We would love to share with you the precautions you should take so that you can continue to have wedding of your dreams.

Affects on ordering your dream dress and wedding dress shopping!

Good news folks, our shop, Grace Bridal, will not be negatively impacted by the Coronavirus. Yay! We carry three amazing designers that are all American made. The Law Bridal, Chantel Lauren, and Hyacinth. These designers also happen to be small businesses which means they care about your well-being just as much as we do! This can ensure your safety in getting the dress of your dreams. Typically, it's best to order your dress a year in advance. Once you pick it out and say yes, it does take another 4-6 months for your dress to come in after it has been special ordered, hand cut and sewn and shipped to our shop. Although our 3 USA based designers are not affected by the travel restricts that are affecting international shipping, it is still advised that you purchase your gown with amply time, we again, recommend 10 months to 1 year, 6 months for your gown to arrive to our shop, and 3-4 months for alterations!

We as a small business already have social distancing in place to keep our space intimate for each of our bridal parties, so you can come on in and feel safe & comfortable within our shop! We are following all of the CDC and WHO guidelines and protocols for cleaning, hand washing and sanitizing. As this pandemic evolves we are keeping a close watch in our community, taking action as our governing bodies instruct and address our nation. The health and well being of our employees and brides is our main priority, along with finding you your dream dress with confidence!

How your dress shopping will be affected ...

We want to make sure there is minimal disruption to your dress shopping experience AND keep everyone healthy and safe! We are asking at this time that no party bring more than 5 guests with them to their appointment, out of respect for all individuals and to keep everyone with healthy! We will also have temporarily modified hours, so please call ahead ( 480-306-6634 ) to find out more. Please book an appointment before heading into the shop, at this time we are moving to strictly by appointment only, until further notice. Please be mindful and kind in mind that if you arrive without an appointment, there may not be anyone at the shop!

Affects on Florals

Florists want to make sure their bride's receive the flowers they want. However certain factors can play into getting the exact type of flower someone wants due to it being out of season or maybe they are just sold out in a specific color. Due to the virus flowers will be even harder to get. But, we have to look at the bright side... Our owner, Ashley of Honey&Shaw is here to help! Just give her a vision and a color palette and she will work her magic! If you have a very specific flower that you MUST have, Ashley will way out her options and discuss them with you, that might mean sourcing them in faux... but again, she can discuss all your options with you! There are a ton of ways to be creative in your floral designs for your wedding or elopement! Honey&Shaw would love to help create that with you, submit a floral consultation with her now to get your process rolling!

We are so blessed to be able to carry these stunning American designers, The Law Bridal, Chantel Lauren, and Hyacinth. Each designer is a small business with real people, with real lives, and real big hearts for their bride