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4 Tips To Finding Your Dream Dress

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Has finding your dream wedding dress been on your mind since you were just a little girl? Or has this all crept up on you without a thought? I’m betting we can agree that some key tips to finding the perfect gown for your big day would be super helpful! Check out our favorite ways to make your dress hunt a whole lot easier:

1. The Dress Style & Silhouette

Try making a pinterest account to search and save different wedding dresses you like. It is always good to know what type of dress silhouette you prefer, whether that is a fit-n-flare, ball gown, mermaid, sheath, or A-line. Also, do you like beading or lace on your dress, or do you like a simpler classier style? Once you get to your appointment you can find out which silhouette flatters your body most! It is important to give every silhouette a chance because you never know what might show off your best curves! I have heard of many brides coming in for their appointments saying they wanted a ‘mermaid’ style dress and changing their minds once they try them on, ending up walking out with a ‘ball gown’ dress. Lastly, many dresses can come in different colors or shades of white. Perhaps you want a classic bright white colored dress or maybe a softer ivory tone. All these factors are beneficial to think about when choosing your dream dress.

Photography by Ashly Arts

2. Do You Know the Theme of Your Wedding?

Do you have an idea of the theme to your wedding? What season is it taking place in? Is your wedding outdoors or indoors? What’s the venue? All these questions are important to ask yourself when determining what dress you desire. Some dresses fit the more grand and glamorous theme while others are perfect for that classy, vintage garden wedding theme.

Photography by Ashly Arts

3. Find a Few Words to Describe Your Dream Dress

Take some time to think of a few adjectives that will describe how you want to feel on your big day! Do you want to feel simple and elegant? Glamorous or romantic? Or possibly comfortable yet classy. There are so many different adjectives you could choose from, so get thinking!

Photography by Ashly Arts

4. Bring the Best Crew

Ensuring you bring the right people to your appointment is crucial. You want people with you that are going to be honest, respectful, and loving towards you. This will make the experience more enjoyable. It helps to bring a family member or friend who you feel most comfortab