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Engagement Photo Ideas

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Did you and your fiancé recently get engaged? Are you two thinking about getting engagement photos done? Well... you guys should get creative with it! Find an idea that fits both your personalities and make your photos unique to your relationship. This is the time to share with the world your special bond with each other. You two are getting ready to tie the knot and spend forever together. This will be a moment to never forget!

Recreate an Iconic Scene

You and your now fiancé can take any iconic scene from a movie or show and recreate it in your engagement photos. This one is specifically from the film the Notebook. Talk about engagement goals!

In a Field of Flowers

An engagement photo session in a field of flowers? Yes! This shoot is so playful, sweet, and youthful. Any photo in a field of flowers will turn out incredible!

With Your Pets

This idea is unique and absolutely adorable! What a creative way to announce your engagement too!

Under a Pier

This idea may be basic but pictures under a pier are so movie-like and enchanting.

In Water

This engagement photo idea is so dreamy! This idea is more for the adventurous couples out there. Talk about gettin' steamy with things.

In The Rain

Rain always makes things more magical! Enough said.