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Essential Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Are you feeling a bit nervous to go wedding dress shopping? Do you have butterflies that keep you from envisioning your big day? It's definitely not easy to just push all your worries and troubles aside, but it's necessary to make shopping day your special day. The day you look and find your wedding dress is a beautiful moment and is one that you want to share surrounded by the great people in your life. Too often brides will let other's control their appointments, but we want to remind bride's that this is their time to shine. It's okay to have this shopping day be about you, because it is! Be confident that you are worthy enough to wear what makes you feel beautiful in your own body. So, here are eight things you can do to make your shopping experience smooth sailing.

1. Plan the timing accordingly. 10-12 months before your wedding is typically the best time to order your dress.

2. Keep a Pinterest Board. Find styles that catch your eye to get a taste of what you may like. This will make your dress shopping easier since you will have an idea in mind.

3. Remember to be open about trying different dress styles. You may love the idea of one dress, but once you try on another style you could end up loving that one even more.

4. Invite family and friends you trust to the appointment. The people that surround you on this day should lift you up, hype you up, and support your decisions.

5. Keep other’s negative opinions out of your head. You are the bride, they are not. When shopping remind yourself that this is YOUR day! This is YOUR time to shine and to find the dress of YOUR dreams. What matters is that you feel unique, beautiful, and completely yourself in your gown.

6. Just enjoy and fully immerse yourself in the experience of wedding dress shopping. Don’t let the stress of wedding planning creep in on this exciting day for you.

7. Don’t worry about “How will I know this is the one?”… Not every bride cries when they find THE dress. Some dance with joy, some simply feel confident, and some just get overwhelmed with emotion. When you know you, you will know.