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Heartstring Gifts And Thoughtful Ideas

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The little things always make a difference. Here are 10 unique ideas and gifts you can try to make your wedding day extra special for all of your loved ones in the bridal party! These personalized gifts are so memorable and will create a moment in time to stand out for a lifetime.

1. Customized notes on the bride and groom's shoes. Too cute! What a great way to commemorate that special day with those shoes.

2. Personalized note and knot bangle for the bridesmaids. Way to help the bride "tie the knot"!

3. Customized watch for the hubby.

4. Customized note on dad's wedding tie.

5. Socks for the father of the bride.

6. A star map for bride or the groom. This gift could even be for anyone in the bridal party, it is such a unique and special gift idea. This is a customized map to display exactly how the stars were that night in that location and on that specific date. Visit:

7. Customized groomsmen gift box.

8. Necklace for the mother of the groom from the bride. I love the tree charm symbolizing the aspect of extending the family tree.

9. An eternity necklace for the mother of the bride from the daughter.

10. Personalized key chain for father of the groom from the bride.

I hope you love these little gift ideas because they are so thoughtful and they definitely tug on my heartstrings! Don't forget to subscribe to this blog for updates, tips, tricks, and more fun!


Kayci Amarissa



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