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Honey and Shaw Bouquets

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hey beautiful people!

Do you need some floral and bouquet inspiration for your wedding? Well then, you have come to the right spot! Before you begin to scroll, I want to make a shoutout towards Ashley Shaw, our amazing owner at Grace Style and Bridal. Besides being a business owner, Ashley is a florist and a wedding planner. If you are looking for somebody that will blow you out of the waters with their talent, it'll be her! Go check out Honey and Shaw Wedding Planning and get started on making your dream wedding a reality. I wanted to dedicate this blog to her to showcase her amazing work! Being a florist is being an artist and it truly takes a special eye to be able to create such incredible bouquets. She is well known in the Arizona industry and as even been featured in Arizona Wedding Magazines. As I scrolled through her page on instagram, I picked out some of my favorite bouquets she made to share with you all!

Ashley's bouquets are more than stunning and by spending time in the bridal shop I get to see a glimpse of the work she puts into her florals.

Her bouquets are unique to her clients and made with love and passion.