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How to Be The Best Bride Tribe

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Shopping for a wedding dress is easily the most exciting yet stressful time in a bride’s life. During this time the bride has so much going through her mind… “What if I can’t find a dress I like in time”, “what if my fiancé doesn’t like me in this?”, “what if my family gives me a hard time?”, “what if my family doesn’t like me in my dress?”. These are all the thoughts that brides struggle with during this time. Not only are they worried about being happy with finding the perfect dress, I’m sure they are still thinking about all the other wedding planning that needs to be done. 

With all that said, it is extremely important that the bride selects her perfect tribe to go dress shopping with her. A tribe that will support her decisions, give her confidence, good advice, and still love her in whatever dress she loves most!

A bride tribe that supports her decision is key!!! Her wedding day is about HER and her hubby only. It’s not about who goes with her when she dress shops. As the tribe, allow her to choose styles she wants to try. It’s okay to make suggestions, but if she really doesn’t want to then that’s okay too! Don’t be pushy, I’m sure she’s already stressed enough.

One of the main reasons a bride selects her tribe is to build up her confidence and assist her with all that she needs. If you were chosen to be a part of someone's special day, you are so special! Be there for the bride, give her good advice, and just praise her in those gowns that she loves. If she slays it, tell her!!! Be as supportive and encouraging as you can.

Lastly, remember that at the end of the day, the bride’s choice is all that matters. If she’s excited, happy, and in love with her dream dress that she chose… CELEBRATE! Be excited, happy, and in love with the fact that she found the one!

I hope that you all take these quick notes to any dress appointment you might be invited to! This all will help the bride succeed and feel way less anxious about her wedding.


Kayci Amarissa



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