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Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

In honor of small business Saturday we want to honor all of the wonderful small businesses that we are surrounded by and work with. As a small business ourselves we are so thankful for each and every bride and person that supports our shop. Because of each and every one of you, our shop is successful. We could not do any of it without you!

The small business' we love and support are each unique and each have a special part that take play in our small business. We are so fortunate to partner with these small businesses! With each of these designers we get to talk directly to them, which is something very special. These small businesses oversee all the design and they each sew with their small team.

Chantel Lauren

We are so excited to be introducing the designer Chantel Lauren to our bridal shop! We are thankful and blessed to be able to talk to this designer directly and will have their gowns displayed in our shop during the new year, January 2020.

Taken from Chantel Lauren's website in the "About" section:

"A brand inspired by the world, designed by Chantel and Tyler, brought to life with the help of their team all in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find us in the heart of Utah, minutes away from the variety of landscapes that can be found in the state. Chantel Lauren is stoked that you’ll find our gowns are designed, cut and sewn all inside our little white brick building."