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Spicing up Your Hair Color

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hello Lovelies,

Usually when discussing hair I would talk about hairstyles... However, this time I wanted to discuss hair coloring inspiration for the brides that would love to spice up their style on their big day. If you have a bold personality and would love to change up your look, then this is the blog post for you! You could spend hours upon hours searching pinterest looking for hair coloring ideas and inspiration, trust me I was! There are so many stunning styles to try like getting highlights or lowlights, balayage, ombre, colored highlights, or by changing the color of your hair completely. It all depends on the overall look you're seeking.

For My Beautiful Blondies

The icy blonde and ashy gray toned hair is totally in and I'm in LOVE with it!

Baby blonde with lighter blonde highlights or balayage is bright and fun.

Honey blonde hair with light blonde tones painted at the ends is gorgeous!

Oh my! Rose gold hair? This one isn't for everyone, but this would bring a pop of color to your look. It looks stunning for those with lighter blonde hair!

For My Brunette Babes

Blonde balayage looks effortless in brunette colored hair and would shimmer in the sun.

I love this ashy toned brunette color!

Blonde ombre mixed in with brunette hair will make you look bright and beautiful for your wedding day!

Rose gold would also look stunning in light brunette hair.

For My Darker Haired Goddesses

Lighting up dark hair on the ends to this ashy light brown hair color keeps the dark vibe, but brightens it up a bit.

This sort of caramel and auburn colored ombre looks stunning in dark hair.

Highlights in black hair? Yaaaas!

Total chic Princess Ariel vibes going on here. This style is one way to spice it up!

Dark black hair toned to a dark blue color looks magical. Seriously in LOVE.

For My Auburn Queens

Strawberry blonde balayage for my gingers? Stunning!