Styling a Jewel Toned Wedding

The Hottest Trend Coming in 2020

The jewel toned color palette is the hottest new wedding trend introducing itself into 2020. These rich and exotic colors are beginning to flourish in the wedding world creating a moody and dramatic look. I'm going to show you exactly how to style your wedding with this color palette.

Another really cool fact about this hot trend is that Pantone's color of the year is classic blue, and you can see that classic blue has been incorporated in with this jewel toned palette. By styling your wedding with this, you are going to have the most trendy and outstanding ceremony in the books!

The Color Palette

As you can see these colors together are so vibrant and stunning. Inspired by jewels and gems themself, you will shine like a jewel on your big day!

Table Decor

These jewel toned inspired table settings are moody, elegant, and romantic. Using the colors on the palette above, there are endless ways to style/decorate your table with.


Take a look at these florals put together. Their rich jewel colors add a pop of drama to your wedding day. This color scheme really shows off against the bride's white dress!

Other Decor

You can style with vintage couches, neon signs, florals, and ribbon. I love how moody yet elegant this photo below looks. The bride is absolutely rocking this color palette and you can too!


These beautiful cakes are an amazing way to utilize Pantone's color of the year! Adding classic blue to the jewel tones make it pop.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Groom & Groomsmen Attire

This jewel color scheme pairs nicely when the groom is sporting a navy, forest, or emerald green suit.

Hair Accessories & Ideas

There are so many unique ways to use jewel colors when accessorizing and styling your gown. Try getting a pop of color in your shoes or style with a flower crown.

If you are having your wedding this year, be sure to try out this stunning trend! If you are still searching for your dream dress, book an appointment today with us. Go to and request an appointment. Or you can call us at (480) 306-6634.

Have a beautiful day!


Kayci Amarissa

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