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Styling With Hyacinth Bridal

Hyacinth has finally arrived at Grace Bridal. We are so stoked to have these gowns in, they are absolutely beautiful. Their simple and elegant crepe gowns are handcrafted and are completely sustainable. This designer is incredible in so many ways, they make sure each dress is crafted ethically and responsibly. Jessica, the lead designer of Hyacinth, has a heartbeat and passion for sewing and all things bridal.

Nowadays, fashion in bridal has led to an array of styling. Brides can chose to go classic with a veil or spice things up with a jean jacket and a rad hat. The world of bridal styling is unique to each individual. This concept of styling your wedding look is amazing because any bride can style uniquely to the way she is.





Inspiration: 3 Ways You Can Style a Crepe Gown

Let's get styling babes! You should always style uniquely to you and do what makes you feel the most beautiful in your own skin. Have fun with it and let your inner beauty shine on your big day. If you need some inspiration to get started with styling, here are 3 different ideas I can give you...

1. Style with a rad hat, your favorite earrings, and favorite booties. You can even sport a jean jacket (try our Grace Bridal Babe jean jacket you can get at our shop).

2. Go classy. Style with some diamond earrings and a veil if you want your look to be more elegant and romantic. Or maybe just go for a necklace with a soft hairstyle. Try out different heels or flats, whatever style you love or feel most comfortable in.

3. Try something a little more free-spirited. Style with a flower crown and try out different shoes. Style with bridal sandals for extra comfort all day/night long or go for a brighter colored comfy heel or wedge. Let your natural hair flow and try out some loose waves.

Need help finding more styling inspiration? Check out our instagram and head on over to our IGTV. We post styling videos with our dresses. Our instagram handle is @gracestyleandbridal. Or you can head over to pinterest to search for endless ways of styling wedding gowns.


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