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The Most Fairytale & Dream Come True Woodsy Wedding Inspiration

Looking for your fairytale dream come true wedding? Have it in the woods for the most magical, timeless, and romantic ceremony. These 5 ideas will inspire you to plan your woodlands wedding and make your fairytale come to life.

1. Script Signs

2. Table Settings

Check out this mystical table setting. With candles, moss, flowers, and rustic wood slabs you can create a fairytale dining table. I love the rose in the glass, such beauty and the beast vibes.

Decorate with moss across tables instead of greenery.

3. Lights

Check out these amazing light display ideas.

4. Get a Horse

Every prince and princess needs their horse to ride.

5. Create a "Story Book" Backdrop

This giant story book is definitely the coolest thing I've seen. Every love story begins with "Once upon a time..." so what could be more appropriate and fun than to tie that into your wedding.