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Throwing an Intimate Wedding

As the wedding industry shifts so does the wedding planning. Intimate weddings and elopements have become very popular these past few years amongst the bridal community. Smaller weddings can be more personal and private. The less amount of people will focus your wedding on the reason as to why you are getting married in the first place... because of love! Big extravagant weddings can be fun, but they are so expensive, can be difficult to plan, and take SO MUCH MORE TIME to plan. Intimate wedding ceremonies are cherished and they create a comfortable environment enriched with love when surrounded by your close family and friends.

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How to Throw an Intimate Wedding

Start by deciding on a budget. Keeping your budget smaller will ensure you to save money. Pick a special venue or place that holds meaning to you and your fiancé. You could even pick a destination venue or a venue that's unique. Keep in mind that because you won't be having a ton of guests, you won't need to worry about making sure there is enough space for everyone. When writing your guest list, keep it simple. Invite those you are closely connected to. Add to the list immediate family, relatives, and friends you couldn't live without. Guests are attending to celebrate with you the love that you and your fiancé have found. That is why it's so important to invite those that support your decisions and that are all in to have a night of honoring your love and romance with your significant other.

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Details That go Into Small Weddings

There are so many precious and unqiue details that go into a small wedding or elopement. You can send more personalized invitations to your guests. You can also plan an intimate rehearsal dinner with your party. Also, you can finally upgrade your menu due to the money you'll be saving by having a small wedding. Some cool ideas when planning can include personalized gifts for your guests, design a cool wedding bar at your reception, and make the decor super detailed. Another cool idea is to all dine together afterwards at a large banquet style table. This creates the intimate family-style atmosphere with you and all your guests.

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