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Wedding Food Bar Ideas

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables and charcuterie tables are trending in the wedding world currently. These tables are perfect to keep guests snacking and they look amazing too!

These tables can consist of different meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and breads!

These grazing tables are D.I.Y and you can pretty much select whatever type of food you want on them. There are so many creative ways you can display the food.

Pizza Buffet

Pizza is the perfect meal for everyone! The choice for toppings is endless and after all who doesn't love pizza?!

A pizza bar would also pair well with a salad bar.


Sushi Bar

This bar is refreshing and would make the perfect appetizer idea that's unique and trendy. It's not every wedding that serves delicious fish!

You can create this bar however you like and make it super colorful and cute!

Soft Pretzel Bar

When I first saw this idea, I fell in love. Never once have I thought about making a pretzel bar... and it looks so tasty!

Along with the pretzels, you can add different dips for guests to sample.

These mini coke bottles with pretzels are the cutest appetizers.