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Which Dress Should You Marry?

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Have you ever thought about which wedding gown your body shape should marry? It's time to make dress shopping easier! I am about to give you everything you need to know when looking for the right dress to compliment your gorgeous body type.

The fact of the matter is that everyone is built a different shape and size. Not everyone can rock a certain style dress and that is totally okay. God made each of our bodies unique and He created us in His perfect image. We are meant to rock our gowns in whatever God gave us!

It's also super important to have an idea in mind of what style you like because at your appointment your consultant will ask what gown style's you prefer. If you go into the shopping experience having that good idea in mind it will make finding the perfect dress much easier and make it a way more enjoyable experience.

Alright, well let's get started!

Here are the styles you should consider trying on when going dress shopping.

Hour Glass

If you have that hour glass figure type any mermaid, trumpet, a-line, princess, column, or sheath gown will look FABULOUS on you!

Tall and Thin

If you have that tall and thin figure then you should consider trying on any mermaid, trumpet, column, sheath, or ball gown dress!


If you are my petite gal then you should totally marry any column, sheath, or a-line dress!

Apple/Pear Shape

If you have the "apple" shape then you should consider trying an a-line or ball gown dress. Those styles will totally compliment your body.

Full Figure

If you have that full figure and you want to slay on your wedding day I would definitely go for the perfect a-line gown.


I hope this informative blog helped you decide which dresses you should try! Also, keep in mind that these are just suggestions so if you feel you want to try out another style, by all means GO FOR IT! You will look stunning in everything! Have a wonderful day!


Kayci Amarissa



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