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What to Expect at a Bridal Appointment

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hi lovelies,

I thought I’d write a post about what to expect in an appointment with us at Grace Style and Bridal. Wedding dress shopping should be the most exciting time during a young soon-to-be bride’s life. Here at Grace we cannot stress enough how excited each one of our consultants is to be apart of this wonderful time in your life. We want to help you find your dream dress! This process can make some brides anxious so we want to help take all that stress off your back. When deciding on looking for a dress we recommend between 9 months and 1 year from your wedding date to find the dress. This gives us enough time to order your dress so you have time to get proper alterations if needed. If you are having a short engagement though, don’t stress! We have an Off the Rack section with dresses ready to go!

To set an appointment up with us we recommend calling beforehand or booking one online. Weekday appointments are an hour and a half and Saturday appointments are two hours. Sundays are our days for private appointments. Sunday private appointments we offer treats, beverages, and the entire boutique to yourselves for an intimate experience. You can call us for more information on private appointments.

In your appointment we can accommodate up to 5 people in our smallest space, 7 in our medium space, and up to 9 in our largest space for standard appointments. We ask that you would let us know beforehand how many guests you plan to invite on this special day. During private appointments we can accommodate up to 20 guests. We just want to make sure that you have everybody you love to be by your side when finding your dream dress.

A frequently asked question we get a lot is, “do we charge for appointments?”. My answer to you is this, “We do not, a card on file is required to reserve your appointment time. The only time you would be charged is if you are a no show for your appointment or cancel the appointment within 24 hours of the booked time.”

First, when arriving at your appointment you can expect to sit down with your tribe and meet with your consultant. We want to hear everything! From how you met your fiancé to what you are seeking for in your future gown. We recommend you come prepared with some styles in mind or at least with what you like to make the dress shopping easier. However, if not that is totally okay! We are here to help you find that dress your gonna fall head over heels in love with. You and your tribe can peek around the store and pull dresses yourselves with the consultants assistance. We always say you never know if you like it until you try, so we recommend trying on different styles. Don’t feel obligated to try on millions of gowns because we don’t want you overwhelming yourself. Also, remember that when it is the right gown you will know! The right dress will make you feel beautiful no matter what anybody else says or thinks. It’s also important to remember that when you are in love with a gown to not let your thoughts of what you thought you would like distract you. And lastly, remember that not everyone cries in their dream dress and that’s okay! What matters is your happiness and if you feel it’s right!