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Why Should You Search For Your "Perfect" Dress?

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Attention ladies! We all understand that every young woman dreams of finding her PERFECT dress, but do we actually know why it's so important to pick the right one? Finding the perfect dress is just like the cherry on top of an ice cream cone. Finding the perfect dress is everything! It becomes the main focus point in every wedding for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it can set the theme or tone for the wedding.

This dress is most likely the most expensive piece of garment any young woman would ever own in her lifetime. However, this dress is much more than an expensive piece of garment. A wedding dress is one that exemplifies you and your decision to do life with that special someone. This dress represents the most amazing day of your life. It's when you get to marry your best friend. There are many different styles of dresses that can coordinate with your wedding theme and your venue. For example, at a beach wedding a bride would most likely wear a lighter a line type dress rather than a ballgown. Or someone having an outdoor wedding in a colder climate would want to have a heavier material and long sleeves rather than a strapless and light material dress. So, when shopping for a dress, keep in mind your venue and the theme. Your dress is the statement piece of the night that everyone looks forward to seeing.

It's so important to find the right dress because you want to be feeling your best on your wedding day. The right dress will make you feel beautiful inside and out. It will overwhelm you with happiness. When shopping for a dress, we recommend trying different styles because you never know which one you will love the most! Staying open to different styles will allow the shopping experience to be easier and more enjoyable.

Another reason why finding your "perfect" dress is crucial is because of the reception. If you choose to stay in your dress during the reception, and you know you'll be out on the dance floor, then picking a heavy dress might not be your best decision. You want to be able to move and groove all around to have the time of your life with all your bae, family, and friends!


Kayci Amarissa