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YouTuber Wedding Videos You Will Fall in Love With

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hello everyone! I cannot tell you how excited I am to share with you all my favorite wedding videos on YouTube. Each love story is unique and sincere. Love is such a powerful force that brings so much light to this world. I hope that for every soul and soon-to-be bride reading this will take the time to watch these videos. They are truly inspiring! So grab a box of tissues and get ready to fall in love with love...

Jess & Gabriel

Jess and Gabriel's wedding video have to be ranked #1 on my list. Their video brought me to tears as I watched how deeply they truly cared for one another. Their love story is unique considering the two met through instagram and then dated as they both lived on opposite sides of the world. True love perseveres and these two are an example of God's amazing power and faithfulness in finding the 'One' in life.

WATCH THIER VIDEO HERE (and try your best not to cry...seriously):

Ashleigh & Chaz

These two... talk about wedding GOALS! Their ceremony is absolutely heartfelt and their reception & decorations are STUNNING. Their wedding location is breathtaking and every word spoken in their video will melt your heart.


Kristen & Marcus

Kristen and Marcus's wedding video is so sweet. These two have the most playful and adorable relationship. Kristen's long sleeve dress is stunning and their farmhouse themed wedding is beautiful. Their video will inspire you and make you feel ALL THE FEELS!


Moriah & Joel

This wonderful couple's wedding is the epitome of sweetness. Joel is actually the singer in the well known Christian band 'For King & Country'. What makes this video the sweetest is that these two saved their first kiss together for their wedding day. Chivalry is alive and love is real and so powerful. Halfway through the video a song that the two wrote together plays, and it is ADORABLE. I may have cried...


Aspyn & Parker

Aspyn and Parker's wedding video is oh so cute. Their video shows what a perfect wedding day truly looks like. The innocent, youthfulness, and sweetness of it all will make you blush the entire time.


I hope that you took the time to check out some of these wonderfully done wedding videos. These moments are precious and I hope that they inspired you in some way shape or form.

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Have a beautiful day!


Kayci Amarissa



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